About Us

Icespice are an independent, importer & exporters of Hospitality & Lifestyle products  with over 10 years experience supplying the catering & hospitality industry. Icespice  are experts in the sourcing & supply of restaurant & bar equipment, light kitchen catering equipment, hospitality products, & disposables.

Over the years we have established ourselves and built a reputation as a trustworthy catering equipment supplier. We continue to build on our well-respected reputation by not only delivering quality items, but also by offering the highest possible level of customer service.

We believe that getting to know and building a relationship with the users of our products will ensure a happy consumer, it’s also the reason why our customers regularly come back to us and recommend us.

Why Choose Icespice over other Catering Equipment Suppliers? We constantly benchmark our catering equipment prices in the market to ensure we offer very competitive pricing to our customers. As part of independent catering equipment suppliers we have a tremendous combined purchasing volume, which gives us significant negotiating power with key catering equipment manufacturers & importers as well as the ability to import directly in India  on key ranges.

 Icespice’ Catering Equipment Expertise: We have over 10 years of experience in catering equipment and we rigorously train our sales and customer services teams to help assist you in making the best decisions for your business as well as provide you with efficient & effective after sales back up.

Icespice’ Quality & Supply: We rigorously test any new catering equipment product to ensure it is ‘fit for purpose’ and will offer you the best ‘cost in use’ for your business.

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